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Curious Kids' Story-Game Adventure: The Mystery of the Burping Fish! Embark on an interactive journey where each page reveals exciting challenges, secret clues, animations, and more.

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 lesson plans

This free digital story-game and set of supporting resources will capture the imaginations of young would-be inventors, grades 2-4, and motivate them to participate in the adventure. They will be learning the invention process, teamwork, and inquiry skills along the way.

Tested by school and public librarians and young inventors nationwide, educators involved in inventing programs and activities will delight their young students with this new and unique set of learning resources.

Digital Story-Game for Young Inventors Introduction

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  • A variety of educator-created, STEM-based, and inquiry-focused lessons plans and independent learning activities.
  • A virtual self-paced, independent training program for effective mentoring of young innovators.
  • A database of relevant resources, searchable by level, keyword, and format.
  • Blog posts on a wide range of topics relate to STEM-based youth innovation.
  • Training packages, adaptable by libraries for on-site training.
  • Making Literacy-Innovation Connections Program and everything needed to implement with young children in rural libraries.
  • Young Innovators' Wall of Fame, linked to video, brief bios, and other information about past and current young innovators.

The Innovation Destination is funded in-part by a National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum & Library Services.

Young Innovators Wall of Fame

Abigail B - Profile

Abigail B

Ashton - Profile


Arya - Profile


Rhiannon - Profile


The Innovation Destination


The Innovation Destination was designed and evaluated by a team from the Center for Digital Literacy at the School of Information Studies, Syracuse University and developed by Data Momentum Inc, in partnership with the Connecticut Invention Convention, By Kids for Kids, New York On Tech, and over 70 school librarians and young innovators.

This site has been serving the youth invention community from 2015 - present.