Mentoring For Innovation

Successful young innovators report they had an adult mentor who guided, supported and motivated them throughout the innovation process. Successful mentoring of young innovators begins with a learning partnership, in which mentor and mentee work together to achieve specific, mutually defined goals and develop the mentee's skills, abilities, knowledge, and creativity for successful innovating. [Based on research by Small (2014), Wagner (2012) and Zachary (2012) - Supporting Innovation Resource Database].


This free and accessible mentoring training, for librarians who wish to learn strategies and methods for successful mentoring, was collaboratively developed by The Center for Digital Literacy at Syracuse University and The Center for Mentoring Leadership, Phoenix, Arizona. This training includes an introduction, six online, self-paced, self-directed learning modules, dozens of opportunities to actively participate in your own learning, a summarizing recap and quizzes and assessments to demonstrate what you have learned.


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An Interview with Mentoring Expert Dr. Lois Zachary: Part I


This is Part 1 of a two-part interview with mentoring expert Dr. Lois Zachary.

Her mentoring model is used worldwide by school districts, Fortune 500 companies and the United Nations.


An Interview with Mentoring Expert Dr. Lois Zachary: Part 2


This is Part 2 of a video conference featuring international mentoring expert, Dr. Lois Zachary.

Dr. Zachary's mentoring model was used in the development of The Innovation Destination's online training on mentoring young innovators.


The Innovation Destination


The Innovation Destination was designed and evaluated by a team from the Center for Digital Literacy at the School of Information Studies, Syracuse University and developed by Data Momentum Inc, in partnership with the Connecticut Invention Convention, By Kids for Kids, New York On Tech, and over 70 school librarians and young innovators.