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Making Literacy-Innovation Connections: RUNNING the Program

Center for Digital Literacy, Syracuse University
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RUNNING THE PROGRAM: Here, you can access many print-ready digital products that can be used as you implement this literacy-innovation initiative. These include 11 character cards, 13 character bookmarks, a large poster-size map of Curiosity Creek, a child's personal size map with fun activities on the flip side, an 11 X 17 poster of Hector and the Engineering Design Process, a brief video welcome video to orient children to the imaginary context, and even two fully illustrated eBooks created just for this project that can be used in the event that your library must pivot to virtual programs and is concerned about copyright issues. For full information on the project for "Making Literacy-Innovation Connections for Rural Public Libraries and Their Youngest Patrons" (AKA "Inspiring Invention Through Stories"), use the link above to access the project overview page.
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In addition to the character bookmarks, character cards and high-resolution posters that can be accessed under Resources below, you may also find the following tools useful as you implement the program:

  1. Video clips of recognized child inventors in the Inspiring Invention database

  2. The Inventor Mentors series of twelve 3 - 5 minute upbeat highly produced videos featuring kids and designed to answer questions about how young inventors tackle the invention process including researching their invention and getting ideas.

  3. Fully illustrated e-books which librarians and other educators can use without copyright barriers anytime and which will be especially useful when libraries must pivot to virtual session delivery in the event of an emergency. These books were produced for this project with a Creative Commons license and can be read online.

  4. Short Welcome Video that librarians can play for program participants to introduce them to the Curiosity Creek context of the problem scenarios presented in the session plans

  5. Hector's Invention Storybook Web app that supports the literacy component of the program and which children can use to share their invention ideas in storybook form

The Innovation Destination


The Innovation Destination was designed and evaluated by a team from the Center for Digital Literacy at the School of Information Studies, Syracuse University and developed by Data Momentum Inc, in partnership with the Connecticut Invention Convention, By Kids for Kids, New York On Tech, and over 70 school librarians and young innovators.

This site has been serving the youth invention community from 2015 - present.